- Serving Professional Bakers for more than 20 years...  

Guyon West has been a vendor for Crestone Group Baking Companies from its inception.  It has carried over the years exceptional seamlessly service.  Guyon West has supplied new and reconditioned equipment for our production facilities.  They have always provided honest estimates both in time and costs throughout the years.  Saying what they mean and doing what they say is something you can count on.

Guyon West has set the standard for other vendors to achieve Crestone’s “Valued Vendor” status.

Guyon West ovens, mixers and proofers have performed above and beyond what was estimated.

The service and parts, critical elements that are lost on most suppliers, is what sets Guyon West apart.  Crestone’s facilities operate 24/7 and Guyon West hands on experience kept us on line at all times.  In many instances, when manufacturers of brands Guyon West does not represent give us unacceptable lead times, months at times, Guyon West acquired the parts in days.  Several times we were back on line before another supplier got us a quote.

Guyon West is one of the best suppliers we have ever worked with. 

Truly grateful customer, 

Bob Hamill

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