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Bread Moulding, is an important stage in working dough, and JAC Moulders guarantee perfect shaping with four versions.

The Moulder for all kind of jobs:
It swallows and shapes everything from 50 to 1200 gr. With a spindle-shaped rolling cylinder, non-deforming belts... and now available with a second speed, the Unic and Unimatic expand the range of possibilities.

The UNIC with manual delivery belt and roller adjustment enabling the machine to be adapted to the baker’s working techniques.

The UNIMATIC, an automatic version of the UNIC where adjustments are programmed in via touch screen control for perfect accuracy and time saving.

The HF, this highly compact Horizontal Moulder is suitable for working with all dough types.

The 2H with its infeed and exit conveyor belts offers a high production rate and great uniformity.It swallows and shapes everything, from 50 to 1200 gr., and even more! With a spindle-shaped rolling cylinder, non-deforming belts, and now available with a speed variator.

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