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Q: Is Guyon West just another middleman?
A: No!  Guyon West deals directly with the manufacturers.  Guyon West has the exclusivity for the import and selling in North America of near 100% of all the equipment it sells.  This will insure a high level of service; latest technologies and the possibility to have special custom made machinery to suit your needs.

Q: Guyon West is located on the West Coast.  Can I expect a high level of service being on the East Coast?
A: Yes! Actually this is a great advantage for our customers on the East Coast, as our regular business hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Pacific time, which means they can call or have parts shipped until 9:00 pm Eastern standard time.  Also, Guyon West can drop ship anywhere in the US at no or minimum cost.

Q: I understand that Guyon West also sells reconditioned equipment.  Are these machines reliable?
A: Yes! Guyon West has an excellent reputation with its reconditioned machines.  End users and dealers have put a lot of confidence in them.  The fact is that what we call reconditioned is actually taking a machine apart, replacing any worn parts by OEM parts and most of the time has the machine painted by powder coating.  Our warranty on reconditioned machines can be the same as on a new machine: one full year.

Q: I see that Guyon West deals almost exclusively with European manufacturers.  Are repair parts available in the US?
A:  Yes! Guyon West understands better that anyone the importance of parts.  That is why we carry a huge stock for all the machines we sell, and also many customers call on us to supply them with our competitors’ parts for we either can get them quicker or at a better price or both.  We take pride in our faculty to locate parts for any European made piece of equipment.

Q:  I am concerned about after sales service.  Does Guyon West have a personal and efficient after sales service?
A:  Yes!  Guyon West takes pride in the way it deals with customers.  We never let a customer down and our goal is to keep them satisfied at all costs.  Our technical knowledge allows us to resolve any issue and we have an extremely high level of support from our manufacturers.  Most of our sales come from repeat customers or referrals.

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